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Anthony Edwards Put John Collins On A Poster In The Meanest Dunk Of The Year

There aren’t many guys in the NBA capable of producing highlights quite like Anthony Edwards. When Edwards gets a chance to show off his remarkable combination of speed, strength, and athleticism, it usually leads to a video that gets posted on social media where someone on an opposing team ends up looking pretty bad.

Unfortunately for John Collins, he ended up being the guy who looks pretty bad because Ant did something silly. During Monday night’s game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Utah Jazz, the Wolves were able to force a turnover, with the ball ending up in Edwards hand. He passed to Nickeil Alexander-Walker, who then gave it right back to him with a big head of steam. And then, with only Collins standing between himself and the rim, Edwards took off.

The man took off from way out, made a challenge from Collins look like a minor inconvenience, and emphatically threw the ball right through the rim as everyone on Minnesota’s bench completely lost their minds. Even the opposing crowd was completely in awe over this, and understandably so, because it was nuts.

Unfortunately, both Collins and Edwards had to leave the game due to this, with Edwards holding his hand and Collins taking a shot that meant he made his way into the locker room. At the time of this writing, Edwards was able to return.


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