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Divers search for clues in alleged murders

Police divers have searched waterways in Newcastle as part of the investigation into the alleged murders of TV reporter Jesse Baird and his boyfriend, Qantas flight attendant Luke Davies.

NSW Police now believe police officer and Jesse’s ex-partner Beau Lamarre-Condon murdered the pair at Jesse’s rented Paddington home sometime on Monday.

Mr Lamarre-Condon turned himself into the police at Bondi Police Station on Friday morning and has been charged with two counts of murder.

The investigation into the couples alleged murder has shifted focus in the last 48 hours, with police divers searching a waterway in the Newcastle suburb of Lambton, 160km away from the scene of the alleged murder.

The divers were assisted by homicide detectives on Friday and Saturday as they searched for clues.

Mr Baird’s home was turned into a makeshift memorial on Saturday, with friends and supporters leaving flowers and cards outside to show their support.

Some of the bouquets were left in the street while others were slotted into the railings outside the terrace house.

One card left at the scene reads: “Lukey and Jesse. Rest in peace boys. We will miss you. So much.”

It comes amid an outpouring of grief over their deaths, including from Mr Baird’s colleagues in the Channel 10 newsroom – many of whom have been left devastated by the sudden loss of their beloved friend.

“The warmth and happiness he let out into the world is unmatched,” 10 News producer Jack Foster wrote on X.

“Rest in peace dearest Jesse. We are all heartbroken and shattered.”

National Affairs Editor for 10 News Hugh Riminton, writing on Friday, said there would “many tears tonight”.

“RIP my beloved young colleague, Jesse,” he wrote.

“Happy with a new man – and that, it is being alleged, was the problem. Condolences also to the family and friends of Luke Davies.”

Mr Lamarre-Condon turned himself into the police at Bondi Police Station on Friday morning.

The police have now charged him with two counts of murder and he has been refused bail.

Jesse, 29, and Luke, 29, went missing on Monday and the police revealed they held “grave concerns” for the pair after their bloodied clothes were discovered in a skip at Cronulla, about 30km from Paddington, on Wednesday morning.

Following the discovery, NSW Police officers visited Jesse’s home on Brown St about 1pm, where a crime scene was immediately established.

Upturned furniture and large amounts of blood were found inside the home.

Neighbours also reportedly heard shouting coming from the house on Monday.

The police allege Mr Lamarre-Condon murdered the pair at the Paddington home, discharging his police-issued firearm.

It is alleged Mr Lamarre-Condon checked his gun back into a suburban police station safe on Tuesday but called in sick for work that day.

Mr Lamarre-Condon was on full duties with NSW Police at the time and was working in a specialist command.

Det Supt Daniel Doherty, speaking to reporters on Friday, alleged Mr Lamarre hired a white van on Monday night from Mascot around 9.30pm to transport the bodies of Mr Baird and Mr Davies. Police are still searching for the bodies.

Police said there was a “sighting” of Mr Lamarre’s van in Newcastle on Thursday night and then the van left early in the morning.

It was found in Grays Point on Friday.

Mr Lamarre-Condon appeared before Waverley Local Court on Friday afternoon.

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