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Do Beyoncé & Erykah Badu Have Beef?

Do Beyoncé & Erykah Badu Have Beef?

First and foremost, beef can’t be one-sided, so it’s hard to qualify Badu’s recent social media activity as “beef.” But Badu certainly feels some type of way. First, the four-time Grammy winner responded to Beyoncé’s limited-edition Cowboy Carter artwork on her Instagram Story, writing, “Hmmm.” About as cryptic as it gets.


However, people (probably the Beyhive) took it and ran with it over on X (formerly Twitter), leading to Badu posting, “To Jay Z . Say somethin Jay . You gone let this woman and these bees do this to me ??”

Last July, Badu threw similar shade during Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour — taking exception with her chrome hat and posting on her Instagram Story, “I guess I’m everybody stylist.”

In conclusion? Don’t draw any conclusions. Unless Beyoncé responds, which she probably won’t.

See Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter announcements below.

Cowboy Carter is out 3/29 via Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records. Find more information here.


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