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GloRilla Judged LeBron James’ Rapping Skills In Reaction To His ‘Yeah Glo!’ Video

LeBron James impressed Metro Boomin when he rapped along to Kendrick Lamar’s “Like That” verse during warmups ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers’ win over the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday, March 31. GloRilla heaped more praise onto the ever-expanding LeBron James Praise Pile during the latest episode of Club Shay Shay.

Host Shannon Sharpe asked for GloRilla’s reaction to James posting a video of him dancing and rapping along to her February single “Yeah Glo!” The Memphis rapper explained that she found out about it while getting a massage and noticing her phone “blow up” on the “little massage table” and initially blowing it off before finally looking and seeing that “everybody [was] calling me, like, ‘LeBron just posted your song!’”

GloRilla said she “instantly reposted it,” and then she hit up Rodeo Drive to get something to wear to the Lakers’ game that night because “this is one of the best — not one of the best — this is the best player in the league right now.” Glo paused to clarify that the late Kobe Bryant is her favorite player, but James is second.

Sharpe rained on her parade, saying, “He ain’t know not one word.” GloRilla countered with, “He knew the words! He did! I done watched LeBron rap songs and not know the words for real. He knew ‘Yeah Glo!’ He probably ain’t say, like, certain words, but that was good for him because he don’t be knowing songs for real. He knew more words than usual when he was singing ‘Yeah Glo!’”

Watch the full Club Shay Shay clip above.


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