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Is Drake Featured On Bfb Da Packman’s ‘Olympic Sh*t Talkin?’

While much of the world prepares for the arrival of Beyoncé’s long-awaited country album Cowboy Carter, stalwart fans of Flint rapper Bfb Da Packman have been hyping the impending release of his album, Forget Me Not. Rap fans were surprised and enthused when he shared the tracklist, which promised a Drake feature on the song “Olympic Sh*t Talkin” — especially with, well, circumstances. However, there appears to be a wrinkle: According to Complex on Twitter, Drake doesn’t appear on the song at all.

However, Packman responded to Complex’s post, calling it “Fake news” shortly after.

So, which is it? Is Drake featured on ‘Olympic Sh*t Talkin’” or not?

According to Packman, the discrepancy is due to timezones and a recent change to the album’s tracklist with his distribution service, TuneCore. It looks like Drake’s verse came through after the album was uploaded to the distribution service, so an update was made that hasn’t taken effect yet in timezones where the album is already out. The version of the song with Drake’s verse should appear when the album goes live on streamers at midnight ET / 9pm PT tonight.

Packman had one more thing to say on the matter, though. He’s convinced that “someone” (he doesn’t specify who) is trying to sabotage his release. However, it’s more likely that because updates were made at the last minute, they had yet to take effect, and fans commenting on the discrepancy naturally warranting reporting since the song was so heavily anticipated. In all likelihood, Packman may want to view this as a good thing, because it means people are definitely going to be checking for his album, even with a new Beyoncé album on the same day. Pretty impressive for an independent artist.


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