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‘Love That Kid’: Joel McHale Opened Up About Raising A Son On The Autism Spectrum

Joel McHale might be known for his grumpy characters, grumpy personality, and overall grumpy aura, but as a person, he seems to be okay! As long as you don’t cook in front of him. Or bake.

McHale will appear in an upcoming episode of Getting Grilled with Curtis Stone where the actor opened up about raising his two kids, Edward and Isaac, with his wife Sarah. When Stone asked how the actor deals with challenges with parenthood, McHale speaks candidly about his son Edward. “He’s on the autism spectrum, and he’ll be the first to tell you that. And then he would walk up to you and go, ‘Tell me about a time you got hurt.’ And then wait for your answer,” McHale said.

The actor then explained how he and his wife try not to pressure their kids to choose a specific path, “We’re not sure what his trajectory is, but he loves video games, and he’s good at them. So I think he might just skip college,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Go ahead. Just start work. Just learn that C++ language and start writing video games. Great,’” he joked. Working on video games might be more profitable than acting in the coming years anyway, so he might be onto something.

Stone then complimented McHale’s approach to parenthood, to which he responded, “There’s no other choice other than to just love that kid and see what he wants to do,” McHale replied. “Life throws you all sorts of things. And the journey with the kids has not been a traditional one, because everyone else around us is doing more typical things. And I’m like, ‘Hey. It’s all good. Let’s see what happens,’” he explained.

McHale also confirmed that his kids inherited his signature (and sometimes excessive) sarcasm. “They’re both extremely sarcastic and make fun of me,” he said. “Isaac will be like, ‘Hey dad. When are you going to be relevant again? Do you think people will like you again at some point?’ Yeah, there’s a lot of that.” Hopefully, once the Community movie comes out, McHale will finally be relevant enough for his children.

Check out the interview below:

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