Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
Nick Kyrgios tells Piers Morgan to ‘lay off the pints’ after Serena Williams clip shown

Kyrgios’ much-anticipated interview with Morgan on TalkTV aired on Friday evening. The pair have often exchanged blows on social media, with Morgan critical of Kyrgios’ on and off-court behaviour.

But the pair ended their hour-long exchange on good terms. Morgan even claimed they would become good friends after the interview.

Kyrgios never normally holds back with his opinion and clearly felt comfortable enough to take a jibe at the host. Morgan took exception to an earlier comment from the 28-year-old that he doesn’t know what professional tennis players put themselves through.

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Morgan brought up an old clip where he took on 23-time Grand Slam champion Williams. He won a point against the American and wanted to make Kyrgios aware.

Morgan said: “I’ll tell you what is a problem for me, is your inference earlier that I don’t understand the mentality of an elite tennis player. I’d like to play you a clip of when I took on Serena Williams in New York.

“I didn’t want to play that clip but you forced me into it with your taunting about not being an elite level tennis player. That is me beating the greatest female tennis player in history.

“I’m not taking credit, obviously I’m a man, I’m more powerful, I’m faster, more skilful. But a win’s a win.”

Kyrgios was impressed with Morgan’s technique and suggested a game between the pair when he was free from injury. He replied: “Yeah you looked good, your technique was a lot better than I thought but you looked in a bit better shape back then Piers. How about when I get healthy we take it to the courts and we sort it out once and for all?”

Morgan admitted he may have to put the yards in before getting back out on the court as well as changing his diet, referencing the sushi Kyrgios famously ate at a Wimbledon press conference in 2022. He responded: “Well you know what I’ll do that and actually I do need a bit more sushi in my diet, that’s true.”

And in a light-hearted moment that Morgan clearly took well, Kyrgios quipped back: “You’ve got to lay off the pints.”


By Mak Muk

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