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Sydney Sweeney Is Suggesting That She And Glen Powell Will Be Together Plenty Onscreen In The Future

It’s been several decades since the last Golden Age of Romcoms, which helped actors like Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan become bonafide stars, so we have been long overdue for a romcom renaissance. Sydney Sweeney is hard at work trying to revive the genre, and she’s doing pretty well so far!

Despite her brief upcoming pivot to Scream Queen, Sweeney says that the success of 2023’s Anyone But You has been opening doors for her and costar Glen Powell (who are NOT dating, by the way). Sweeney starred alongside Powell in the flick, which hit theaters in December and ended up making over $170 million worldwide, which is a rare accomplishment for a rom-com.

Sweeney told Variety that the success of the film has increased the interest in romcoms. “There are so many romantic comedy scripts that are getting sent to me now! And I would love to do another one. It just has to be the right script,” she explained.

Could it be the sequel to Anyone But You, perhaps titled Anyone But 2? Maybe! Powell and Sweeney had some undeniable chemistry (though they often did try to deny it) and Sweeney confirmed that they are looking for their next project. “We’re fielding multiple scripts a week. It’s very exciting,” she confirmed.

Sweeney also explained that she aspires to work more on the production side of things in the future. “I want to be as involved in the process for any project moving forward that I possibly can. I love being in the room to be able to problem-solve, and come up with ideas,” she said, adding that the process of Madame Web was much different than Anyone But You. “On Madame Web, it was so hard not being able to be as involved as I love being. And I felt very free with Anyone But You and Immaculate being able to have that.” It shouldn’t be too surprising that she loves being hands-on, especially after she literally built her own car.

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